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For over 30 years, Winscombe Furniture has been manufacturing and supplying furniture to care homes around the UK. We understand that the elderly and those requiring assisted living furniture invariably have different requirements from younger or more able-bodied people. Their range of movement and flexibility is often restricted, and care home furniture that adapts to those requirements is imperative.

Whether it’s communal area lounge and dining furniture you’re looking for, furniture for challenging environments or dementia range furniture for bedroom refurbishments, there’s something in our range to suit every style, budget, and resident comfort consideration. Our portfolio includes bariatric, recliner & lounge seating, bedroom cabinets, dining tables and so much more, allowing you to add your own personal touch, helping to create the perfect environment for your residents, visitors and staff.

Our collection is adaptable for a wide range of needs and is equally suitable in care homes as it is for usage in housing associations or as hospice furniture.


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